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必威体育登录Kollmorgen Automation Suite™

Our premier machine automation solution brings together a highly integrated and intuitive software programming environment,best-in-class 必威体育登录motion components and exceptional co-engineering services to help you build a highly differentiated machine—and a more profitable business.

必威体育登录Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ Overview

Our premier general-purpose automation suite includes all the software and hardware you need to bring truly differentiated,high-performance machines to market faster.必威体育登录Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ has been proven to measurably accelerate development,increase throughput,minimize scrap and maximize overall equipment effectiveness.

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必威体育登录Kollmorgen offers innovative software solutions for programming every part of the machine,from the servo drive level,to the automated coordination of machine axes,to the human/machine interface.

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Controller Hardware

必威体育登录Kollmorgen offers a complete selection of controller hardware for any machine architecture.Controller options include standalone units,PC Card controllers and drive-resident controllers.

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We're committed to being your single-source supplier for all the 必威体育登录motion control equipment you need.We offer a complete selection of I/O slices,couplers,relays and other devices optimized for use with each 必威体育登录Kollmorgen automation platform.

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Human Machine Interfaces

The operator interface is one of the most important parts of your machine.Usability is key.You need an HMI with the input and display options best suited to the operating environment and the machine's specific functionality.We offer touchscreen,function key and keypad options in a variety of sizes to meet virtually any requirements.

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KSM Safety Solutions

必威体育登录Kollmorgen completes the 必威体育登录motion safety chain from sensor to drive with innovative KSM Safety solutions.Intelligent Safety functions monitor areas with hazardous 必威体育登录motion allowing the machine to effectively intervene with minimal process interruption.

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必威体育登录Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ uses EtherCAT®,our 必威体育登录motion bus of choice for high-performance applications.We provide the highest-quality Ethernet cables to ensure reliable operation with the lowest possible network latency.Of course,we also provide all the motor and drive cables you need.

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